Living the Fit Life

Two LP Ladies take over to share their 10+ years of Fitness with YOU!

December 23, 2021 Chad Mueller, Michelle De Jong, Adam De Jong Season 2 Episode 43
Living the Fit Life
Two LP Ladies take over to share their 10+ years of Fitness with YOU!
Show Notes

Going into the Holidays and in preparation for 2022, we have two VERY special guests on for our Holiday Edition of Living The Fit Life - EP. 43

Tune in for some Holiday Tips for your Family, Goal Setting advice for Moms & Dads, Nutrition Values and Recovery Secrets!

These ladies have two very different stories and two very different backgrounds when it comes to their fitness, but what they have in common is knowing what Motivates THEM!

Lindsay says "Getting my workout in is my STRESS RELIEVER. It makes me a better mom, a more pleasant leader at work and a much happier person"

Kristin says "Having a GOAL is important for me. I love tracking my progress, striving for new personal bests and using the ladies around me to push and motivate me"

Does this sound like you LP Fam?!?!
Are you more like Lindsay or Kristin?!?!

Just like you, these ladies have busy families and demanding careers and MAKING time for themselves in their crazy schedules is CRUCIAL to performing at their best as moms, partners and co-workers each and every day!

In this Episode the ladies share their Secrets to Living The Fit Life in 2022 and for years to come!
Learn why having a weekly schedule is their KEY to Success when it comes to consistencyLearn why having a Therapy Team has helped them overcome injury and setbacks along the wayLearn how they both have perfected their Nutrition Plan over the yearsLearn how they both approach Goal Setting and they balance Personal Goals with their busy livesLearn why Strength Training, using Supplements and LP Challenges have got them great successTune in to learn how Lindsay & Kristin have been consistently living The Fit Life for 7+ years

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