Living the Fit Life

You're Edge is Earned with JOGA's Jana Webb

November 11, 2021 Chad Mueller, Michelle De Jong, Adam De Jong Season 2 Episode 40
Living the Fit Life
You're Edge is Earned with JOGA's Jana Webb
Show Notes

It was incredible to sit down with the Founder of JOGA - Jana Webb to hear about the early days of JOGA, working with the Calgary Stampeders 15+ years ago and now working with NFL, NBA and other Professional Sports Teams and Players to help them perform at their best every game, every season and for their career.

When we asked Jana, what about "Corporate Athletes" she laughed and said, "All the corporate athletes I know want to be treated like a pro athlete and would be offended if I changed the program just for them" 😁

In other words, she knows we got big egos and we want the absolute best in everything we do! πŸ’―

JOGA is the perfect balance between a Challenging Workout that tests you and speaks to your inner athlete, with the Recovery that your Body and your Mind so desperately need to help you balance the demands of your crazy life!  βœ…

Tune in to learn more about the incredible benefits of JOGA for "Corporate Athletes" as you continue to strive to perform at your best each and every day for years to come.

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