Living the Fit Life

Threshold Leadership - Take Control of Your Life

October 21, 2021 Chad Mueller, Michelle De Jong, Adam De Jong Season 2 Episode 39
Living the Fit Life
Threshold Leadership - Take Control of Your Life
Show Notes

If you want to be the CEO of your own life, then this episode is for you. Self-leadership is for anyone that wants to take personal responsibility of their life! 

In this episode, we sit down with Dave Inglis, Founder of Threshold Leadership and long-time “Transient” Member at LP. Dave shares some incredible stories in this episode about his own challenges he has overcome as well as some of the leaders he has helped along the way. 

Dave has an incredible passion and incredible gift for helping Leaders at all levels in their careers and lives create balance! He helps them prioritize their wealth, health and relationships, while working towards a life with balance and harmony so they can eventually “HAVE IT ALL”. 

  • We talk about the tools he uses with his leaders to evaluate their Wealth, Health and Relationships. 
  • We talk about Strategic Solitude and how to not only build it into your busy lives, but how to create the perfect setting to ensure that you have great success. 
  • We talk about Self-Care and how with the Multiplier Effect you can combine the things you love to do, with the things you have to do into you daily routine.
  • We talk about how to map out your next season in life and how to prioritize what is important to you. 

Tune into this fantastic episode on personal development, leadership and begin your journey to become the CEO of your life, growing your wealth, health and relationships.

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