Living the Fit Life

How Heber Cannon is Living the Fit Life

May 20, 2021 Chad Mueller, Michelle De Jong, Adam De Jong Season 1 Episode 24
Living the Fit Life
How Heber Cannon is Living the Fit Life
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Our favourite special co-host Ian Childs is back on today’s episode and he comes out with a bang.

Sound the alarm - because today Chad and Ian are joined by Heber Cannon - part of the Buttery Bros, director, ambassador of CrossFit, a very fit human, and creator of multiple CrossFit documentaries. Super cool dude, and a man that’s riding the gain train with a first-class ticket.  

Heber’s long and lean body type transformation over the last year definitely sparked the conversation for the co-hosts. Jealousy of the quad gains over the last year was just oozing out. The boys dig into how he made this possible. But more importantly, they dig into the key components that help support his high-performing lifestyle - Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery and the X Factor.

Want to know who Heber expects to see in the top 5 at the CrossFit Games? Check out today’s episode.

Hypertrophy Fitness
Cherry picking programming
using fitness in life
Heber is an Ironman
Nutrition Tracking
Nutrition goals and family
A burpee penalty for not getting enough sleep
Actively creating goals
How to balance it all
Common thread from the elite CrossFit Athletes
Competition fuels us
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