Living the Fit Life

Attacking life with a beginners mindset

March 17, 2022 Chad Mueller, Michelle De Jong, Adam De Jong Season 2 Episode 48
Living the Fit Life
Attacking life with a beginners mindset
Show Notes

Today Chad's in the hot seat, as Coach ADJ dives deep into Chad's journey to Living the Fit Life!

As we get older, we stop trying new things, we stop taking on new challenges and we get comfortable with the same old over and over again! Fitness is no different. In order to be consistent and stay motivated we need to keep it exciting. We need to push ourselves, we need to set new goals and we need to take a beginners mindset so we can continue to learn and grow. 

When Chad Mueller joined the LP Family in August 2014, let's just say he was in for a new Challenge. Or a whole bunch of new Challenges. 

Over the past 8 years lets just say he has tried A LOT of new things! Olympic Lifting, CrossFit, Unilateral Training, Hypertrophy and the list goes on. 

In this Episode, we talk about his journey, his challenges, his obstacles, his setbacks and most importantly everything he has accomplished and learned along the way:

  • You’re not too old to have Goals
  • Always have a Beginner Mindset
  • Building your Tribe/Community
  • Nutrition is about Knowledge
  • Recovery takes time
  • The Fit Life includes everyone in your Family

Tune in to gain awesome knowledge that Chad has learned about gaining weight, losing weight, building muscle, recovering from injuries and building fitness and a healthy lifestyle into his family's routine!